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Kia ora and welcome to Unpacking the Brasch Collection, a collaborative blog project dedicated to exploring the University of Otago’s Charles Brasch Collection. This blog is part of a group assessment for ENGL469 Global Modernism (2016), an English Honours paper at Otago University.

The team — Elisha Gordon, Iain Sutherland, and Monique Hodgkinson — are excited to deliver fresh research on the library of Charles Brasch: literary patron, art collector, modernist poet, and founder of Landfall. Brasch bequeathed his collection of over seven thousand books to the Otago Special Collections and left his extensive range of art, photography, and ephemera to the Hocken Library. Throughout the blog, Elisha, Iain, and Monique draw upon these rich resources.

As the focus of ENGL469 is on issues of global modernism, Unpacking the Brasch Collection examines Brasch’s library through an international lens. We explore the quirks, applications, and idiosyncrasies of the library as part of the modernist movement around the globe. In studying the collection, we hope to inspire you to view your own research libraries as exciting sites of nearly infinite discovery and possibility.

If you are interested in any of the material referenced here at Unpacking the Brasch Collection, please contact the University of Otago Special Collections, or the Hocken Library for further information.

2 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Just found and loving this blog! Don’t forget the 25 shelves of wonderful literary and personal papers he left to the Hocken as well as everything else. A very generous man to the University of Otago in many ways.

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    • Hi Anna, we are glad you love the blog! Yes, we’ve visited the Hocken several times to look at Brasch’s letters, newspaper clippings, and photos. I recommend checking out Monique’s latest post “Howl, Homosexuality, and the Hocken.” Thank you for your comment, we hope you enjoy the blog.


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